Cosmetic Heat Shrink Wrap
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Cosmetic Heat Shrink Wrap

As one of professional manufacturers in China, Xiamen Guanhua would like to provide you Cosmetic Heat Shrink Wrap. We produce a variety of Cosmetic Heat Shrink Wrap. If you have any questions, welcome to inquire!

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Product Description

China supplier of Xiamen Guanhua Cosmetic Heat Shrink Wrap main materials used are various thermoplastic films. Initially mainly PVC shrink film, with the continuous development of market demand, PVC shrink film gradually reduced, and a variety of PE, PP, PET, OPP, PVDC, POF and other multi-layer co-extruded heat shrink film has developed rapidly, becoming the mainstream of the market.

Cosmetic Heat Shrink Wrap

Cosmetic Heat Shrink Wrap Advantages:

1.High transparency and good gloss, can clearly show the appearance of products, improve the effect of exhibition, reflect the higher grade of goods.

2.Cosmetic Heat Shrink Wrap is Good flexibility, easy to use. Because of this flexibility, the packaged item can be cushioned when subjected to external shocks, and the packaging for brittle containers can also prevent the receptionists from breaking and flying.

Cosmetic Heat Shrink Wrap

3.Shrinkage rate is large. Shrinkage rate up to 75%, the use of its high shrinkage generated by the contraction flap force can be a group of items to be packed tightly, play a very good bundling effect, very suitable for the collection of multiple items packaging, especially the packaging effect of special-shaped items is very good.

Cosmetic Heat Shrink Wrap

4.Cosmetic Heat Shrink Wrap can be Moisture and dust protection for cosmetic products.

5.It is used for the sale and transportation of various products, and its main role is to stabilize, cover and protect products. Shrinkage film must have high puncture resistance, good shrinkage and a certain shrinkage stress.

Cosmetic Heat Shrink Wrap

For more precise quotation and fast pricing, please give us the information as below:

1. Type (eg. stand up/ with window/ 3 sides sealed)

2. Material (eg.:PE/PA/Textured vacuum pouch)

3. Size (eg.11x16cm+wide, if u can give the thickness it will help lot)

4. Quantity (different number has different price at least we have to know the range)

Or at least leave your purpose, then we can give you suitable suggestion.

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