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After more than ten years of development, the business demand of Xiamen Hongfengshun Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. is increasing, in order to meet the demand, in 2016, Xiamen Guanhua Technology Co., Ltd. was established, the company's business scope expanded to packaging printing, production, sales and other content services. The company's main products are packing insert, shrink wrap, packaging box with insert, eva lining, heat shrink film, cosmetics packaging box, wine packaging box, tool packaging box with lining, Water-soluble material, Water-soluble bag and other packaging and printing products. With the design concept of safety, environmental protection, fashion and personality, we provide customized services to meet customers' various needs for product packaging. Every link is handled by professionals and products are sold all over the world. The company has always been committed to the pursuit of high quality, fine, beautiful, new products, highly competitive product prices and delivery speed, perfect service quality, in order to achieve a perfect state. We support minimum order quantities and offer free trials of new products. We are willing to let customers understand us first, grow together, and achieve win-win cooperation!

  • Packaging and printing equipment

    More than ten years of professional production of packaging and printing products experience, its production machine equipment dozens of sets, including: automatic sealing and cutting packaging machine, shrink film production machine, EVA custom mold, EVA cutting machine, silicone mat production mac...

  • A company specializing in the production of packaging and printing products

    ​Xiamen Guanhua Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city of Xiamen, Fujian Province, China. Since the establishment of the factory in 2012, there have been more than ten years of professional production experience in packaging and printing products, and dozens of production mach...


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