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Xiamen Guanhua is one of China manufacturers & suppliers who mainly produces Water-soluble Packaging Bag with many years of experience. Polyvinyl alcohol (Pva) is a water-soluble polymer. With polyvinyl alcohol as the main body, additives such as modifiers are added and processed by special technology. Hope to build business relationship with you.

PVA polyvinyl alcohol, is a water-soluble material, can be used to make a pollution-free, non-toxic water-soluble bag, which is dissolved in water, the formation of glue can gradually penetrate into the soil, increase the soil group adhesion, permeability and water retention, very suitable for soil transformation, in the soil PVA polymer is easy to be decomposed by the strain, and eventually degraded into water and carbon dioxide (H2O and CO2). Because it is completely water-soluble and biodegradable, it is truly a green environmental protection product.

Water-soluble Packaging Bag have many advantages, such as space saving, low transportation cost, not easy to break, labels are not easy to fall, corrosion resistance, strong barrier, high and low temperature resistance, etc., the water-soluble protection performance is enhanced, so the water-soluble packaging is very in line with the development of the pesticide packaging industry.

Advantages of Water-soluble Packaging Bag:

(1)Water-soluble bags are used as lining bags for the inner packaging of pesticides and chemical products. This can avoid hand touch of pesticides and chemical products, just directly dissolve the bag and the wrapped items together, there will be no residual pesticide or chemical bags discarded anywhere, green environmental protection.

(2)Water-soluble bags as cement additives (silicon powder, etc.) packaging bags to avoid dust flying harmful to the environment and operation personnel.

(3)The water-soluble bag is used as an embroidery, wig and other fabric carrier to set off the carrier and facilitate cleaning.

(4)The water-soluble bag is used as an artificial large stone release film, and the water-soluble film is padded in the type film, which can be quickly released.

(5)The water-soluble bag is used for surface printing (water transfer), which can be transferred to the surface after printing on the film.

(6)The water-soluble bag is used as a seed belt to pack the seeds at a fixed interval and then bury them in the ground, saving valuable seeds and eliminating the busy thinning.

(7)The water-soluble bag is used as a hospital washing bag, medical staff do not need to contact the contaminated clothes, can directly connect the bag and contaminated clothes into the cleaning machine to clean, to avoid cross infection.

(8)Water soluble bag made of hot water soluble film packaging bag, suitable for clothing packaging, increase its added value.

(9)Water-soluble bags can be used for food preservation packaging and air cushion bags after being combined with other plastics.

The above is the application of Water-soluble Packaging Bag as product packaging, I believe that with the development and progress of society, the development prospects of environmentally friendly water-soluble bags in China must be very broad.

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Environmental Water-soluble Packaging Bag

Environmental Water-soluble Packaging Bag

You are welcomed to come to our factory to buy the low price and high-quality Environmental Water-soluble Packaging Bag, Xiamen Guanhua looks forward to cooperating with you. Welcome to contact us!

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Disposable Water-soluble Packaging Bag

Disposable Water-soluble Packaging Bag

As one of professional manufacturers in China, Xiamen Guanhua would like to provide you Disposable Water-soluble Packaging Bag. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

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As one of the leading Water-soluble Packaging Bag manufacturers and suppliers in China, we warmly welcome you to wholesale and buy Water-soluble Packaging Bag with CE certificate. You can customize our products according to your ideas. We are guaranteed in terms of delivery time, as have a professional team. Good service and low price are available.
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