What is Heat Shrink Wrap?


The materials used for Heat Shrink Wrap are mainly various thermoplastic films. Initially mainly PVC shrink film, with the continuous development of market demand, PVC shrink film gradually reduced, and a variety of PE, PP, PET, PVDC, POF and other multi-layer co-extruded heat shrink film has developed rapidly, becoming the mainstream of the market.

Heat Shrink Wrap is used for the sale and transportation of various products, and its main role is to stabilize, cover and protect products. Shrinkage film must have high puncture resistance, good shrinkage and a certain shrinkage stress. During the shrinkage process, the film cannot create holes. Since shrink films are often suitable for outdoor use, UV anti-UV agents need to be added.

Advantages of Heat Shrink Wrap:

1.It has high flexibility, not easy to break, strong blasting resistance, strong impact resistance, strong tear resistance, strong tensile force, and can replace the box packaging.

2.Good transparency, light transmittance of 80%, can display products, can invisibly promote products, but also reduce the distribution error in the material circulation link.

3.Moisture-proof, waterproof, dust-proof, can not only achieve the packaging effect, but also beautiful products, protect products.Non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free is an environmentally friendly packaging material.

Heat Shrink Wrap is widely used in: Food, medicine, disinfection tableware, sporting goods, craft gifts, printed materials, hardware and plastic products, telephones, electronic appliances and other products, especially in the irregular shape of goods or goods combined (cluster) packaging, can not only meet the goods moisture-proof and dustproof, anti-touch smuggling, transparent display and other functions, but also increase product attractiveness. It can also be used to replace all kinds of cartons, which not only saves packaging costs, but also conforms to the packaging trend. Shrink film (bag) can be processed into: flat pockets, circular bags, trapezoidal bags, three-dimensional bags and other special-shaped bags.

Heat Shrink Wrap

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