EVA Insert Custom Three Processes


1. Cutting Process

Cutting is one of the more common methods in the processing of eva insert, and this process provides a quality solution for some customers who require extremely precise tolerances. At present, the technical level of eva manufacturers will be different from the grasp of tolerances, which is recognized in the industry tolerance of ±0.5mm, and some high-tech manufacturers can control the tolerance of 0.3mmWithin 0.2mm and 0.1mm.

2, Engraving Process

eva insert is a highly customized product,eva manufacturers customized products have the cost of mold opening. For some products with smaller orders, the overall procurement cost is higher if the custom mold opening method is adopted. The milling process does not have mold costs, which reduces the procurement costs of small enterprises. This process provides a premium solution for customers with smaller needs.

3, Stamping Process

Customized eva insert is divided into sizes, and is generally based on small foam. For some special industries, its custom foam will require more than 1 meter. At this time, many eva manufacturers give the solution of splicing, but the splicing process has certain problems. And now some manufacturers can do one punch, punch size can reach 1.7 meters, this technology solves the problem of eva lining large size splicing.

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