EVA insert engraving molding features


The common EVA foam process is mainly die-cutting or integrated molding process. Integral molding is what we call the engraving process. EVA engraving, as the name suggests, EVA engraving is a kind of EVA lining processing technology.

Special eva lining is a custom processing product developed to meet different customer needs. There are a variety of EVA lining, different shaped EVA lining packaging are required to be processed by manufacturers, most of them are carved into one, to meet the requirements of customer details. Special EVA lining and ordinary EVA lining have the characteristics of protecting products from damage, shock proof, waterproof, flame retardant and so on. Special EVA lining can be processed according to different product requirements such as plane engraving, relief, multi-sided engraving, stamping and other processing methods.

Special EVA insert engraving molding features are:

1, EVA integrated engraving can be cut through the bottom engraving and no bottom engraving two kinds of engraving process.

2, EVA engraving molding process, so that the product does not need to paste, it can form a product shape. Abbreviation: EVA integrated engraving molding.

3, the extrusion of eva lining products will appear arc, on the contrary, there is no extrusion, EVA engraving shaped product edge will not appear arc.

EVA foam has many application fields, such as: a variety of environmental protection foam, anti-static foam, color foam, high elastic foam, etc., can be common in life. With the use of application fields, various processes of EVA foam are also slowly being used by the public. EVA engraving is to subtract scrap step by step from the internal and external standard materials until you dig out the slot you need. At the same time, EVA lining can also be flocking and other deep processing to make the product up high-end, atmospheric, high-grade.

EVA foam molding insert is suitable for: all electronics, mobile phones, computers, makeup gifts, speakers, toys, TV sets, lighting, lithium-ion batteries, car recorders, gift boxes and other supporting products, all walks of life products play insulation, sealing, shock, dust, filling, sound insulation, fixing and beautification is the ideal choice for electronics and household appliances.

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