What is Pearl cotton filling?


Pearl cotton its main material is PE material through butane foaming, the entire production process is a physical process, so it is environmentally friendly.

First of all, Pearl cotton is an environmentally friendly packaging material. Pearl cotton is a none closed-cell structure. It is a high foam polyethylene product produced by extrusion of low density polyethylene as the main raw material.

Secondly, Pearl cotton has excellent performance in the field of packaging. With its advantages of environmental protection, light weight, easy recycling, beautiful appearance, food grade packaging, etc., it has gradually replaced non-environmental protection packaging materials and become the mainstream packaging materials.

For users, the use of a product is first to achieve performance, because the advantages of pearl cotton can achieve good performance of lightweight, and for users, it is precisely because of its performance in this area, users can use it to great advantage.

For packaging, it is generally disposable. Therefore, if users want to use it, they must do their own good environmental protection. Because pearl cotton has good recycle, and does not contain any toxins, meet the food packaging, environmental protection is good. Therefore, pearl cotton has become the preferred packaging material for most product manufacturers.

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