What is EVA sheet used for?


Many common goods around us are made of some special material prices, among which various products made of eva material have the characteristics of non-slip, strong pressure resistance, soft, beautiful and so on. The plates made by the production enterprises are used by various industries.

1: Can make household goods and daily necessities: daily groceries include sports goods, toys, cushions, straps, sealed container covers, EVA rubber football and so on.

2: can be made into packaging, used as film, gasket, medical equipment, in addition to hot melt adhesives, cable insulation, etc.

3. Hot melt adhesive with EVA resin as the main component of hot melt adhesive, because it does not contain solvents, does not pollute the environment and has high safety, it is very suitable for automated assembly line production.

4. It is widely used in wireless bookbinding, digital product shell structure, furniture edge sealing, assembly of automobiles and household appliances, shoe making, carpet coating and metal anti-corrosion coating.

5. used in high-end travel shoes, hiking shoes, slippers, sandals soles and interior materials. It is often used as a prop in cosplay, or as a model.

6. foaming products: pressure foaming foam plastic slippers, sandals, building materials, etc.; Injection foam has various industrial parts, women's soles and so on.

EVA, it is made of EVA raw materials, color masterbatches, foaming agents, etc., by high temperature foaming. From the perspective of different foams, there are environmental protection coarse hole EVA, ordinary EVA, food grade tasteless environmental EVA, fireproof EVA and anti-static EVA. EVA sheets can be processed into EVA inserts, EVA trays and EVA linings. From the hardness of the lining, there are ordinary hardness of 38 degrees EVA lining, there are slightly harder 50 degrees, and then hardened 70 degrees, in terms of performance, there are ordinary environmental protection EVA lining, fireproof EVA lining and anti-static EVA lining, from the color of black EVA lining, white EVA lining, color EVA lining. From the other name, some are called EVA inner box, EVA tray and so on.

EVA lining, EVA tray from the knife die stamping to modern computer cutting, stamping with the knife die, some are a stamping, some have to be pasted by hand.

Because eva this material has many advantages and characteristics, in order to play a role in various fields, I believe that with the continuous improvement of technology, eva sheet can be applied in more industries.

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