EPE packaging lining is not degradable?


Plastic packaging is really everywhere in our lives, when you receive express delivery, when you pack luggage, we often use plastic filler to protect or packaging. However, with the upgrading of everyone's environmental awareness, plastic packaging has gradually been resisted. Your understanding of plastic packaging, still stay in the traditional plastic bag is not degradable? Today, Xiaobian will take you to popular science about the new plastic material - the magical epe pearl cotton!

Pearl cotton, also known as EPE pearl cotton, is a new environmentally friendly packaging material. Due to its low density special material, it is more heat preservation and toughness. Is it, like traditional plastic, non-degradable?

The answer is no. Pearl cotton not only degrades by itself, but also can be recycled repeatedly.

Pearl cotton is different from traditional plastic packaging. After people use traditional plastic packaging, they will throw it away, traditional plastic is no longer able to degrade, and then become plastic waste, which has an impact on the environment and becomes a terrible plastic pollution. And such materials as pearl cotton have a strong self-degradation function, which can produce its own decomposition clean, both environmentally friendly and practical.

Pearl cotton products are widely loved by manufacturers and consumers, not only because of its degradable environmental protection concept, but also because of its wide range of uses in life.

1, multi-industry product packaging

Medical equipment, daily necessities, high-grade gifts, ceramics, electrical appliances, precision electronics, household appliances, hardware products and other industry packaging, as well as express packaging can be seen everywhere, pearl cotton figure, visible its high application.

2, composite use of materials

After the pearl cotton product is scrapped, it is reprocessed by pelletizing machine to make pearl cotton particles, which can be used to form pearl cotton packaging products again.

After the pearl cotton is reprocessed, it can be combined with HDPE film, aluminized film, plastic-coated paper, plastic-coated cloth, etc., which can be widely used in the lining of luggage and outdoor supplies. Especially applied to the lining of the shoulder strap on both sides of the backpack, the material with good permeability and high elasticity can not only "reduce weight" for the backpack, but also moisture-proof and sweat proof.

3, vehicles, home improvement materials

After adding color antistatic agent and flame retardant to pearl cotton, it can effectively isolate static electricity. When pearl cotton is effectively combined with other fabrics, it becomes an excellent vehicle and home decoration material, beautiful and practical.

In addition to the above uses, pearl cotton's performance characteristics and degradable environmental protection properties make it ubiquitous in our lives and highly utilized.